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Added 2 days ago

How To Transfer Balance in Aircel to Aircel, Airtel to Airtel, All networks

How To Transfer Balance from one Aircel no to another Aircel No ?
To transfer your account balance in Aircel
Dial *122*666#.
Now press call
You will get new menu describing the balance transfer amounts.
Choose an available amount upon your wish.

How To Transfer Balance from one Airtel no to another Airtel No ?
Dial *141*Your friend mobile no#
EXAMPLE: *141*9952673800#
By this method you can Transfer Rs 50/- but balance must be above 250 Rs.

How To Transfer Balance from one Vodafone no to another Vodafone No ?
Send SMS :
TRAN (amount u want to transfer)(phone number of your friend)
to 144(tol free)
EXAMPLE: TRAN209865795339

How To Transfer Balance from one Idea no to another Idea No ?
Just Dial : *567*mobile number*Rs#
Example : *567*9092112345*100#
Note – You should have to keep minimum balance of Rs200 in that number from where you’re trying to send balance.

How To Transfer Balance from one Bsnl no to another Bsnl No ?
Send sms as GIFT”mobile number” and send to 53733
Example : GIFT9440112345
By this method you can Transfer Rs 50

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Added 3 weeks ago

Lamhe Ruk Jate Hai Jab Tum Aate Ho,
Dil Dhadk Uthta Hai Jab Tum Naraz Hote Ho,
Sanse Ruk Jati Hai Jab Tu Muskurate Ho,
Itna Kyon Drate Ho,

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Added 3 weeks ago

Pyar kar ke jatae ye zaruri to nhi
yaad karke koi batae ye zaruri to nhi
Rone wala to Dil me hi rota hai, Aankh me aansu aye ye zaruri to nhi.

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Nisha Posted In Jokes SMS
Added 3 weeks ago

4 Students: 1 of HARVARD 1 of OXFORD 1 of TEXAS & Santa Singh of PUNJAB UNIVERSITY...

1 Common Question:- "What is the Fastest thing in the World?"
Student of HARVARD: "Light"
Student of OXFORD: "Thought"
Student of TEXAS: "Blink of an Eye"
Because Last Night I Was Lying On My Bed & Before I Could "Blink", "Think" or "Turn on the Light",, It was all Over...

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Nisha Posted In Jokes SMS
Added 3 weeks ago

Sardar ring a call centre:
My internet is not working properly.
Ok Double click on "My computer"
Sardar: I can't see ur computer
Officer: No no click on "My computer" on ur computer.
Sardar: How can I click on ur computer from my computer? Officer: listen There is an icon labelled "My Computer" on ur computer Ok double click on it.
Sardar: what the hell, what is your computer doing on my computer...?
Officer: Double click on ur computer Sardar: On which Icon i've to click Officer: "My Computer".
Sardar: Oh Pa G Tell me where is ur house. I'll come there and click on ur "My Computer."

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Added 4 weeks ago

Zindagi Raaz Hai To Raaz Rehne Do
Agar Hai Koi Aitraz To Aitraz Rehne Do
Laikin Agar Dil Kahe Hame Yaad Karne Ko
To Dil Ko Ye Mat Kehna Aaj Rehne Do.

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sks sks Posted In Jokes SMS
Added 4 weeks ago

Madam :- Homework kyu nahi kiya?
Student:- TV Dekh Raha Tha... Mood
Nahi Tha...
. .
Teacher:- (Slap) Batamiz muh pe
jawab deta hai?
. .
Kyu Sach ka Sabak sikhaye....
jab sach sun bhi na paye....
Sach koi bole to tu Niyam Kanun bataye...
Tera dar,
Tera pyar,
Teri wah,
Tu hi Rakh,
Rakh Saali...... .
SADDA HAq AitHe RakH....
SADDA HAq AitHe RakH....

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sks sks Posted In Jokes SMS
Added 4 weeks ago

100 Crore Ki Baat Kar Raha Hu Sab Dhyan
Paise Agar Pair Par Ugte...
. To Ladkiyo Ki Setting Bandaro Se Bhi Ho

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